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How to - Service your brakes

Guest naughty lee

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Quite an easy job, easier still if you know someone who has a bike lift ;)

Firstly get the bike supported, center stand or paddock stands etc.

remove the caliper mounting bolts


then shuffle it off the brake disc


As you can see the advertised "just had all the brakes done" that was also listed on ebay when buying this bike...might also have been an exhaggeration of the truth, its filthy in there and the pads are shagged too


The brake pad retaining pins are removed along with the anti rattle springs (take note of the way they are fitter for re-assembly), these are all honking as well. They will be spending some time with the wire wheel and some copper slip before going back to work

(apologies for the poor focus)


the brake lever is then pumped to force the pistons out, be carefull not to go crazy here as they can drop out. beso to put a thin bit of wood in the middle of the caliper to prevent this and any damage to the pistons.

now is the time to start scrubbing the caliper with a toothbrush and brake cleaner, it takes a while but they do clean up.

with the caliper pistons exposed, thin strips of very fine emery cloth can be pulled back and forth around the pistons removing any crap/corrosion, another blast with some brake cleaner and an application of copperslip will have them looking brand new again


its now just a case of pushing the pistons back in with the piece of wood and then pumping them back out again with the brake lever, re-applying copper slip each time the pistons are exposed until you are happy with the level of cleanliness and the even operation of the pistons


pins are cleaned up witht eh wire wheela nd treated to some copper slip


some goes on the back of the new pads too


the new pads are dropped into place (keeping one hand behind the caliper to preent them falling onto the floor)


the cleaned up pins go back in along with the rattle plate


the caliper is then shuffled back into place


and tightened back up to the manufacturers spec (aledgedly)


the fork lowers looked a bit ratty, so they were rubbed down and given a bit of paint



many thanks to Robin, who kept us both in tea all day and allwed me to use his ramp and facilities.


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MAIN THING.... apply the brake lever several times to return the pads to position before heading out onto the road, I prefer to then push the bike and apply the brake, once the bike stops under the brakes i am then happy to take to the road with some careful braking..

you could always leave one pad in place, instead of a piece or wood,

and on some calipers, where there arent opposing pistons a large wrench or g-clamp will push the pistons back.

and some pads can be changed without removing the caliper, always refer to YOUR manual

you dont need stands, just using the centre/main stand. a lift just brings the bike to a better level..

i've even changed brakes with the bike on its sidestand..

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your probably right there colin... thing is.. it was robins copper slip and well, ... i got a bit greedy.

the bike is gonna be parked up over the winter now so i'll have another look at them before it goes back on the road :wink:

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