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Will it?.......Won't it?


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I've spoken with two different bike mechanics today re the derestricting of my Honda VT125 Shadow after I pass the first part of my test and the first one, a Honda specialist? says he's not sure but doesn't think so. The second one reckons you can't as Honda make em that way or you have to buy one thats not been restricted in the first place.

Anyone know any different?

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I'm sure with enough tinkering you could squeeze a few more break horse out of the 125Vtwin. This of course would be at the cost of reliability and shouldn't be more than twice the price of a 250/500cc bike.

One does get attached to a machine. However if you like the Vtwin cruiser, have a look for a Yamaha XV250 Virago, or perhaps the 535 Virago, which takes a restriction very well and should cost less than you'll get for the shadow if you sell it.

Google V.S.O.C for a cherished 2H bargain 8-)

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You sure it's not just a rev limiter. Most powerful part of the rev range is never at the top. An engine with a red line at 10K would make peak power at 7to8K.

You're not running out of power , you're hitting the maximum speed the engine can spin.

The cheapest way to make power is cubic capacity. If you spend a fortune and double the power output, it will still only be 30bhp and then you'll run into handling problems. Same frame and tyres. The brakes won't be up to the increased demands, so they'll need upgrading. 8-)

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agreed. If you have got attached to the bike then keep it. Buy the bigger bike first. Then once you have ridden it for a few weeks the 125 will lose your attention and you will sell it on. Buy the bigger bike now whilst the prices are low and spend the winter cleaning up both bikes. Let the 125 go when the sun returns

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