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car license after bike license?

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So, i get a week off work soon and was considering an intenisve driving course for a car. No real rush in actually getting a car just thort getting the license out the way before i waste the cash on something else would be a good idea.

Problem is the courses come in different hours like 10 12 16 etc. On the websites its suggests how long you are likley to need based on terms such as 'Have you driven on a variety of different roads, had lessons recently and covered all the relevant manoeuvres?' and it would say something like... then you need to do the 12 hour course.

problem is, the way i see it i have been on a bike for nearly 3 years now so obviously have a very decent understanding on the rules of the road etc, so what would people reccomend? any advice/ peoples experiances from doing bike then car course. More hours needed due to being to used to a bike or less becuase of road experiance?


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Car is pretty different, you should be fine with clutch, gears, steering e.t.c.... But it might be weird for you for indicators, maneuvers... With a car you need to perform bay parking, parallel parking, reversing round a corner... Something you'll need to learn. Depending on the price you could give it a go, but i'd suggest you just have a short lesson with a normal instructor at first. Then go for a crash course on top! :)

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I did it the other way round (car and then a couple of years later a bike) but personally I would say you would need less hours due to riding a bike for a few years. I know I found the CBT and bike lessons a hell of a lot easier than I would have done if I hadnt been driving a car for a while, because all I had to think about was what I was doing with the bike - where as someone who had never driven a car would have been thinking about the road rules and other drivers much more than I was (I dont mean I wasnt paying attention to those things, just that it becomes second nature after you have been driving/riding for a few years as I'm sure you know).

Also, think how much time on your bike/car lessons you actually spend learning how to control the vehicle and then think how much more time you spend learning the rules of the road etc. Once you know how to change gear and brake etc then there's not really much more to it, you then learn about how to actually ride/drive on the road.

Obviously there will be a few things to get used to but I still think understanding how to use the road and knowing what sort of thing to expect other drivers to do is by far the most important thing. Personally I find riding a bike requires more concentration, forward planning, and awareness than a car so I would say its easier learning to drive a car but maybe that is just me.

In response to Cobbz post, there are those additional elements but dont forget that anyone completely new to driving would have to learn those as well as all of the other things that you already know from riding a bike. So if you are asking if you think you need more or less hours than the average new driver then I would still say less myself :)

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cheers folks.

well the comapny im gonna go with offer the first 6 lessons for 30 quid. so i reckon i shall do those, literally just focussing on getting to grips with the car, and then after that i will probably do a 10 hour intensive after for the manouvers. driven a dractor a few times with a trailer on the back reversing round a corner so that shouldnt be too tricky. emergancy stop in a car should be fairly simple. just the bay parking and 3 point turn then.

so yeah i shall get on the phone and sorth the first 6 lessons woth then, unless i decide i hate driving a car lol, i will do the intensive after that. Main ideas for the intensive is its a little cheaper and your garenteed to get the same car that you were learning in for the test which seems a good diea.

Does anyone know specific little things. for example, im used to looking behind me rather than trusting the mirrors, would this count as a fault in a car becuase that may be tricky to get out of my system. lol. spose i shall just have to wait and see.


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So if you are asking if you think you need more or less hours than the average new driver then I would still say less myself :)


I wouldn't, I'd say fewer not less :P

After your first couple of lessons the instructor should be able to gauge how much more time you will need.

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I've just passed my bike test, but I too am thinking about getting a car license, but in the future.

Do I still have provisional car entitlement? if not, what do I have to do, to get it?

read your licence, but i think everyone gets car provisional.. bike you have to ask for..

I had bikes for 3 years and passed car after 10 hours intensive, and trucks after intensive course (5 days driving in the afternoons, (20hrs)),

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