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So I booked my Mod 2 about 2 months ago and there was a test available about 3 weeks later - so I turned up on the day and went for an hour of lessons with my instructor and was feeling fairly confident. Then we get to the test centre and the examiner comes out and does all the paperwork etc, then we go out to get onto the bike and set off but the examiner's bike wont start... after a couple of minutes of trying he gives up and says we will have to reschedule it. I later find out that he should have given me a compensation form (as I had to take the day off work) so I go back and get that later in the day and the test gets rescheduled for in a couple of weeks time.

I took another day off for this rescheduled test and as I was getting out of bed on the day of my rescheduled test I got a phone call from the bike school telling me that the test has been cancelled again! This time because the examiner is off ill... and apparently the DSA told them that the next available test would be 23rd of December! They told the DSA that this was not acceptable and eventually managed to sort out a test date for the Monday after next (so 30th November).

So hopefully I will actually get a go at the bloody test this time :D and also hoping that I can claim for the second day off work as well..

Will update this topic with the results once I have taken the test :)

Oh and my car engine blew up at the weekend too :| that was my fault really though as I ignored the oil light on the dashboard for a little too long... cant really blame that one on bad luck :oops:

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Thanks guys, and yes I had already done my test but that was before I was 21 so it was the restricted test. I could have just waited 2 years for the restriction to be lifted but I got bored of 33 bhp well before that 2 year limit :P

Anyway, I took the test yesterday... got there and the examiner was considering cancelling it (yet again!) but this time because of the weather as it was very windy. He said that because I had already had 2 tests cancelled then he would give it a go but if he thought it was getting too windy then he might have to cancel it half way through. Thankfully though he didnt and I passed with 2 minors :D

Off to get the bike derestricted at the weekend, just a shame its such rubbish weather at the moment as I doubt I'll be able to enjoy it fully until spring. Ah well!

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haha thanks everyone and yeah I realise its not the best time of year to get your bike unrestricted... but at least its ready for when the nice weather comes now :) and I'm sure I'll have a blast on it when we get the odd nice day in winter :P

I'm supposed to be getting it unrestricted this saturday but my car is having problems so I might have to take that in to the garage and keep my bike around for transport, but I'm sure I can wait another week or so for it to be unrestricted as its not exactly pleasant weather at the moment anyway! Just looking forward to seeing how different it is..

EDIT: Oh and thanks to whoever changed the thread title :P

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