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Wind? What Flippin' Wind?


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Date And Time: Thursday 19th November: 12:00pm

Bike: Honda CBR600F

Distance To Cover By A-Road: 156 Miles Each Way: 312 Miles In Total

Time Taken: 5 Hours

Fun Rating: 7/10

Fuel Used: 7 Gallons

The weather report says it will be windy... The BBC website says it will be raining with gales... People are frightened of the big storms approaching. What do I think? Bollax to them all I'm going to be brave and just get out there. :lol:

No pictures as when I arrived at the cat and fiddle pub I more or less shot out after what I thought was techno on a bright red CBR1000 but we'll get to that later :)

Story begins in Hartwell. I head out onto the A45 aiming for Lowestoft as there are some nice roads that way but I quickly see the A6 and think "hmmmm I wonder if that means it will go up towards the M6". So I head up it and very quickly realise its a very long... dull road. I end up in Leciester and fire through onto the A6 again and head up as far and fast as I can legally and get onto the A50. The A50 I know gets me across to the A34 which heads up into Macclesfield. I blast it across the A50 moaning in my helmet all the way.

The jibberish out of my mouth included...

Try to post without quite so many vulgarities - this is an open forum


To cut to the chase I wind up on the A34 and finally pull in for petrol as the petrol light comes on at 145 miles. Not bad seeing as ive had 30 miles out of the tank when the light is on before it started to cough.

I eventually find myself on familiar ground, I head on up through Macclesfield and get myself onto the A537. Into the national speed limit roads I find myself clearing the traffic completely as I overtake the last of the trucks that has been causing me problems. Overtaking has become quite a sport actually, I find that as Im about to overtake dropping down a couple of gears gets me passed will get me passed a full size HGV truck in 2 seconds flat. Into the town I take the last roundabout before the 30 limit road to the Cat and fiddle.

Heading up onto it I feel the bike lurch and it gets to 50 and holds it no problem. I jack it up a gear so I have smooth power delivery through the first 2 corners which are nice. Through them I go and up the hill into the very windy section where 25-30mph is as fast as I can go for me to get the bike leaning over on its side sufficiently. I get onto the first straight and open up to get passed a lorry and have very little time to brake for the sweeping bend that follows. I start to run wide and put a little bit more throttle on and shift more of my weight over the side in a ditch attempt to regain composure. It works if a little tatty.

Well into my stride I somehow catch up to a streety BMW K1300. He is absolutely balistic on the straights but in the corners he is much too cautious. The big sweeping left turn down hill I take him and grab some brake to take the next left hand bend. Its now I realise that the CBR600F isnt like any bike Ive had before. If you brake in a corner quite lightly it forgives you and doesnt go bolt upright. This now taken on board I go through the next set of bends effortlessly. Getting to the very bottom before the very big straight uphill I bump into a HGV again. I overtake but suddenly see a helicopter on the horizon. I thank god that I wasnt speeding or using the other side of the road constantly. He is uninterested in me and following what looks to be a green Kawasaki ninja. I finally arrive at the pub. Pull in and decide to get some pictures. Though annoyingly I came over 8 years old again...

The ninja went by with the helicopter still in pursuit, I see him take a side road away and thats that. But a red 2007 Honda CBR1000RR goes by with a rider that matches what Techno wears on the bike. I pack up and give chase.

Down the hill I see him on the opposite side of the valley. I have got ALOT of ground to cover so go about holding 50mph all the way through. Only one wobble where I felt the bikes rear tyre struggle for grip. Damn Bridgestones...

5 of the 6 miles gone and I finally catch him. Hes stuck behind 2 horse boxes. We both overtake but he accelerates like nothing ive seen before. But through the corners he keeps slowing down a bit too much. I stay planted on his arse through them all, theres nothing he can do about it and I know its annoying him :twisted: (I thought it was techno and this was my big chance come on!!)

He had 400cc more and about 60 more horse power with the same weight and he couldnt pull ahead.

As we get off the cat Im happy. The RR goes speeding off. I decide with the weather finally looking like it will do something to go home. I take the same route back and arriving home I finally see my tyre. When I bought the bike it had an inch on each side of the tyre that was unused as the bike had only been used for long trips. I got it home having not revved it too much and all the tyre is now used. :booty:

PS: over the cat and fiddle NO wind at all :shock: Im scared as to why the BBC wants to keep us inside. Up there the only gale I was worried about causing me trouble was Philgale :wink:

Heres the route... Sorry for the lack of pictures.


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Not be his as its an 04 :)

As for the dude not being able to pulling away is more likley down to him being a crap rider or not trying in this weather.Amazing how many people buy a thou and cant ride the arse off a 600 its just kudos.

Sounds like you had more fun than a 7/10 God help the write up of a 10/10"I left Stonner and Rossi in my dust" :lol:

Show us ya chicken strips then :lol:

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Sounds like a good day out Fozzie. Give me a shout next time your up the cat.

As for the Blade rider, he may of been playing with you.

Alot of riders ignore other riders that come speeding up behind them.

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Sounds like a good day out Fozzie. Give me a shout next time your up the cat.

As for the Blade rider, he may of been playing with you.

Alot of riders ignore other riders that come speeding up behind them.


Will do :thumb:

I didnt speed up behind him. For about 10 corners he would have seen me catch up just by holding more speed through a set of bends. I didnt use toooo much of the tyre, I used it appropriately for the bends and conditions. And I dont dare speed on roads like that... To much of a wimp as i think "oh god what if I bin it!?" and Im a law abiding citizen 8-)

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Damn bridgestones? Possibly the best tyre I have ever used - and the only brand I will purchase from now on!

Sounds like a nice ride, but be careful braking on the corners - yes they are very forgiving but there is a very fine line between getting it right and wrong. If you are used to the idea that you can brake mid corner and regularly get into the habit of doing it you will slowly push harder and harder knowing you have that back-up - but one day you wont. (and yes I know it can happen anytime, blah blah blah)

Also I have a 1000 - can I ride the arse of a 600, probably not but thats not why I bought it

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