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Problem with: oxford hot grips flashing blue 30% light


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Hi all,

My hot grips are not working - I get a flashing blue light when I turn on the power. Even when engine reving still wont turn on.

Normally a flashing blue light means not enough voltage.

I have checked with a multimeter and I am getting plenty of juice to the socket and from the battery. 12.3 when off from the battery and 14.4 when revving the engine.

I have checked the power cable that it is plugged into and i am getting the same amount from this also.

Any plans?



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Its a new battery (ish) the first one failed on me... this one is one month old.

I haven't tried charging it but would it need a charge if it was producing these voltages on my meter?

Thanks for the reply :-)

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Just a thought matey .... Have you checked all connections to grips?

From battery to first lead. Then the other two? Maybe a spray of WD40 into connections in case water has got in?

Otherwise sounds like the control unit itself has gone a bit iffy ...

EDIT: whereabouts in the world are you??

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Are you trying to turn them on with your lights already on.

On My old bike the heated grips used to do that, turn everything off so the only thing thats taking power from the battery is the Heated grips, you may have to give a little rev to get to power through.

Once they are on i had no probs after that.

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Isn't 12.3 a bit low for a battery? I replaced my last one when it got to about that level (not enough power to even start the bike let alone run heated grips) and currently (no pun intended!) I'm getting 12.8 on my new one :?

EDIT: Just checked my Haynes and it says an uncharged battery is anything below 12.3V so if it were me I'd get that battery on a trickle charger fast!

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My dero wouldn't go above 12.3v (ignition off) for ages cos the guy I bought it off garaged it for 2 months without taking care of the battery.

When I went out on it the oxford grips worked fine, even with a low battery.

Bought an optimiser and the battery recovered eventually, but it took fookin ages. Thought a cell was dead and was very surprised to see a green light one morning.

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I Went out last night and bought a charger/optimiser and charged it up - green light after about an hour....

Now showing plenty of volts and still same thing from the grips....must be a faulty control.

Cheers for help guys - will contact oxford.

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If you can find contact to send the unit to or to get in touch with about returning the control can you post it up please? Mine have just started doing exactly the same thing - even engine running 14.4v at the battery :(

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