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Looking after my bike

rac bolton

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I'm sure this has probably been asked before but there are many pages to look through.

I recently bought my bike a suzuki En 125-2a and even though i have rode before i have no idea how to look after it and this time would like to build a knowledge of how to do this for myself !

I have no idea where to start and at this point i would need a manual just to put oil and brake fluid in it.

I of course would still take to a garage if something was wrong but feel i should be able to tackle general tasks myself. so where do i start ? Any advice welcome thanks Rachel

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Hi Rachel,have a look at his link.its american nut most of the principles are the same




Good site that. The best thing you can do in my opinion is get hold of a Haynes manual for your bike as that will tell you when things need doing, and more importantly how to do them. If you can't find a Haynes for your bike then try a workshop manual (you can usually find them to download as a PDF if you search Google long enough).

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Rachel you should have an owners book (by the sounds of it), this will get you familiar of the bike controls, whats where etc..

if you decide to do your own maintenance, then get a Haynes manual, I find a book is easier to thumb through and refer to than a PDF/email file..

also means you can record stuff in the back...

enjoy the EN,

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yep its an owners handbook.

I know the controls of the bike and it cuts my journey to work no more sitting in traffic so bonus ! :D

I'm going give some tasks a try on my own got to buy some tools first thou ! But worried about doing something i can't fix so this may be limited

I didn't get on with the other bike so swaped it n this one's nice but hope i don't have to ride it that long ....

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