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Bikes that can use a power commander ??????

Guest maddog10

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Hi peeps

I'm going to be getting a Honda cb600 hornet when passed my test  and was just wondering if they can be fitted with a power commander? Or is it just injection bikes that can have them? I was going to get a yamaha xt660x sm, which I new could be fitted with 1 and that bike has an injection, just would like to know for future reference as after research I found thst a cb600 is good for modification.


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buy a gisser!

they have a power commander avaible, nicest looking japanese naked too ;)


I can't seem to find a picture of a gisser to check it out, any chance you could provide a link?

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I'm going to be getting a Honda cb600 hornet when passed my test...

Stop there. Pass your test, get the bike, learn to ride as it is for a while, and THEN think about modding it.

I think Josh is talking about a GSR.


Both are nice bikes. The CB600 Hornet has a enough mods available to suit anyone. The older ones (pre 2006 I think) have carbs, newer models are fuel injected. Indection based engine - use a power commander. For Carbs you need a Dyno Jet kit.

Either way - I'd suggest getting some experience on whatever bike you choose before fitting anything like that.

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I agree with WideEyedFox mate, the best thing to do is get some miles under your belt and then decide. I'm on my second bike now and they've both been carbed. That's mainly because it's what I'm comfortable working on (but also because a) the carbed bikes were cheaper when I bought them! and b) there's less to go wrong electrics-wise lol!)

Incidentally a common (mis?)conception is that injection bikes run faster than their carbed counterparts. Whether a bike is carbed or injection sometimes makes no difference - my Blackbird is carbed and is smoother and faster than the newer injection models (apparently). But like has been said, just getting a first bike is all that counts, modding comes later and even then most people don't give a hoot (you won't see me dyno jetting my 'bird or trying to make it go faster - no point!).

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yea dont worry i will not be doing any mods at all if any until i feel comfortable on it, just needed to know for future reference that the bike can have a few mods done to it so it keeps me busy in the future, i just love playing around with bikes as much as i do riding them :) thanks for all your advices though people, its good to chat with people about bikes as none of my mates are into bikes lol i do like the older cb600s better then the new ones though, its the placing of the exhaust that makes the cb600 on the older models look better to me.

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