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MOD 1 Cancelled.

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Turning into a bit of a farce this is now!

On Sunday I went for a training session with Arrow in Chester and we got to the DSA site and there was a foreign guy there asleep in his car, He was a security guard for the site and he said that the lock on the gate was broken and couldn't be opened until a lock smith could come out on Monday, which was no good because they couldn't fit us in to do training on Monday and the test was on Tuesday. So we ended up goin to a car park and trying to find enough space to do the hazard avoidance and high speed emergency stop. The high speed stop wasn't too much of an issue but finding somewhere with enough room do the hazard was difficult (we ended up doin it on a county lane with the instructor as the hazard!)

I get up this morning bright and early to go and do my MOD 1, wiping all of the ice off my seat before I set out lol. Anyway I gets to Arrow and they said that all of the tests for today have been canceled because there is water seeping up out of the test center track right in the area next to the turn to speed up for the hazard avoidance and right were the speed trap is so its do dangerous to do!

I now have to book and pay for another training session and another MOD 1 test, £84 in total and then try to claim back the original fees I have already paid.

+ I have swine flu so I'm not a happy chappy today!

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I know how you feel - I still need to claim back for my 2 tests that were cancelled so I'm currently about £100 out of pocket (what with the time I had to take off work for each one as well). Hope you are feeling better soon anyway, and hopefully you will be able to take your test soon!

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Hmmm they could easily sort out a way to enable you to carry the money forward instead of having to mess about with refunds, hell its an admin job!!

Wonder how much of other peoples money that have in the bank!

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:stupid: wouldn't it be easier to class it as postphoned and carry the fees forward, saves on paying them in, accounting for it, to then credit and refund them. how many cancellations is that now... too many for my liking...
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