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New gear day, plus zip enquiry

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So today I recieved delivery of my new boots and leather pants.

I went for the Swift Torsion X boots in black, a nice first boot, love it, decent reviews for a cheap boot aswell.

Pantwise I went for some 'MAX MPH' black leather pants, the only ones they do. Fit very well, fell nice and comfy and well padded, happy with them, except for one thing...

The zip has managed to break, however it still works.

Imagine if you will the 'zip-pull', this links through a loop in the actual zip it's self as with all zips in the world.

Now, it is the loop on the zip which has broken, meaning the zip-pull has fell off even though the zip-pull is intact. I have no idea how this happened really, it disobeys physics as I was not even touching the zip-pull at the time of breaking.

The zip its self still works fine.

I could send them back for exchange as its a manufacturing fault, but that may cost myself a few quid I don't want to spend on sending them back (which they don't refund, though I have emailed them to check).

Anyone any ideas on zip fixes?

Would superglue bond the metal and be strong enough? One of my uni mates recons not, but he is no glue expert.

Is it possible to get a tailor to put a new zip on? like a YKK zip. I am not well informed in the arts of tailoring, I fear that exchanging the pants would leave me with a similarly weak zip, just a non-broken one which will with time... break.

Thanks for any ideas you may give, I assume someone here must have had to deal with a damaged zip before.

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Aye nman, but they don't refund them for some reason, he said he's already asked.

I know last time, i said i could either have them pay for their mistake, or i'd take it to eBay/PayPal dispute lol.

i reckon we could fix it mate, could just bend the metal around it, if they send you another it will probably break. If you do it yourself, you know you've made something stronger!

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if its the bit you hold between your fingers, then unless you want to take them back, get a key ring and thread it through the hole, instant finger pull, and easier with gloves too..

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