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Winter gloves?

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Does anyone have any warm (very warm) waterproof gloves to recommend for use during the winter?

I am doing an hour commute on my new bike but the glove Alpinestar Goretex 365 are not warm at all so I get my fingers properly frozen after few minutes...

I read in Ride about the Racer Pluvio but these have been discontinued.

Any suggestion will be more than welcome as I can't spend the winter like that :(

Thanks in advance


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I have been trying to solve the winter glove issue for a while, but only today did I manage it.

I have a pair of Alpinestars SP-X gloves which are a summer glove without a wrist protection. I love them; super comfy and great feel of the controls. I also have a pair of winter gloves... Buffalo somethings... which I can't use. They are fairly warm, but not as good as you'd think. They are so thick though that I can only grip the right bar with my index finger and thumb as the fingers won't bend round the bar. It's super painful after a while and not too safe. Also, the clutch can slip into 3 positions and I don't have much finer control than that. I don't like riding in them.

I bought some liners for 89p and they helped a little. I then got some Knox liners from their ColdKillers range and they were great; so much better. The problem was that the SP-X's are only a large and fitting them over the liners stretches them and is also really tight; a pain to do quickly.

Today I went to the NEC Bike Show and bought a pair of Alpinestars SP-1 gloves. I bought XXXL in order to have plenty of room for my Knox liners to fit under them comfortably. They also have a gauntlet style but are fairly lightweight and flexible. Wearing these home tonight (about 1.5 hours) in ever colder conditions was super warm and comfy. Combined with my other ColdKillers gear (socks, trousers, and top) I was toasty warm for the whole journey. The only things that got cold were my ears. I should have worn my balaclava too eh?

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I have researched this on numourous occasions and the concensus is all winter gloves will offer some protection from the cold some more than others,but due to the fact it's the wind chill thats the problem then most gloves will only offer around 15-30 minutes protection depending on speed,windchill will always be colder than ambient temperature,so somehow you need to stop the wind from hitting your hands.More layers maybe the answer but dexterity is impared

some other options to concider

Wind deflectors will reduce the windchill,inturn a thinner glove with a liner would be ok.look for Merino wool rated warmer than lambs wool

heated gloves good but expensive might be worth the investment if you ride all year round

heated grips,good but limited to the palms

extreame weather gloves i.e Ski/mounteneering gloves will work but again dexterity will be impared also you loose some protection

I have been using the latter,I found a pair of Ski gloves in Costco last year they work pretty well as there not as thick as some bike specific gloves so i keep most of the feeling,downside if i come off well just have to hope that never happens

Another thing to concider is how warm your body is,I found if my bodys warm then cold hands dont bother me as much

Have a look at rides best buys I know somefolk say the results are linked to how much the supplier pays Ride but I think there is some merit in there findings


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...Have a look at rides best buys I know somefolk say the results are linked to how much the supplier pays Ride but I think there is some merit in there findings...



Which is why I viewed the Spadas with suspicion until I heard from some 'real people' that they are actually quite good.

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Thanks for all the advice.

I decided to go with the multiple layer option and I bought yesterday some Racer Novus gloves and a pair of EDZ liners in Merino wool.

I went for a 2-3hours ride and I did not get cold fingers. Fair enough it was not freezing cold today but it was 10degrees or so. I should be sorted with these for my 30min commute :)



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