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Well... my mod1... results...

Guest CobbZ

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Aha, i passed this time :D

Got 53kph on each high speed test (i failed by not getting up to 50 last time).

I got just one minor because my stop after the high speed avoidance wasn't exactly perfect, nearly over shot it!

But yeah, i'm very happy :D

And my chain and sprockets arrived today :D Can't wait to get them fitted (tomorrow probably) as my chain has came off my back sprocket twice in the last few days!

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unfortunately i can't afford mod2! :(

Nothing really, just got the tyres up to pressure and i was a little more brave round the bend this time :P

Third time lucky!!! First time, i got there and they cancelled it. Second time i failed on speed. Third time i win :D :P

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You wanna slap!!!

If everyone had one so big, the page would be full of them, seen it on some forums and it looks shit, hard to find what the person has actually written!!

Now be nice to poor admin please!!!

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Haha, yeah i know whatcha mean. I think my firefox automatically resizes pictures within web pages to make it look tidier, hence why it might look nice for me and bad for you/everyone else!

Put them in a line now.

Will see about making my pic smaller when i'm home next. Happy?! :P

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