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Just Got Home From Training! Some Good, Bad, and Funny point

Guest Sean

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Had a great day to be honest, weather held off for most of the day :D

Road riding section went ok, I've picked up loads of bad habits though, Lack of shoulder checks, mirror checks, lane disciplline, speed, late braking etc etc after a while on the road I was getting back to test standard though. On the dual carrigeways I realised how ridiculously slow my 125 is. It was doing 55-60 on the flat with no wind.

Anyway, as we're going down one of the dual carrigeways, I feel my bike start to cough and splutter, and it eventually just cut out. I'd forgotten to fill up with fuel in the morning. Good job I've got a reserve tank. So, after my 'I've got no fuel warning light' excuse, and a slight bit of embarassment, we were on our way again.

The Module 1 training was surprisingly easy though, I didn't put a foot down or hit a cone all day :D well chuffed. The Swerve isn't too bad either! I'm more worried about getting up to speed than the actual swerve itself. I could only get up to about 25 through the cones today. The instructor said I would have more space to get up to speed on the acual course.

Got my Mod1 on Monday morning, and then gotta book my Mod 2.

Looking forward to it!

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Is it possible to do training (and the mod1) on one of the schools 500c bikes?

Youll find getting up to speed much easier obviously.

I did a practice at the mod 1 recently and i didnt do as good as i expected :( but after a couple of runs i was getting through the cones at a decent speed.

Not sure about the 125's but on the 500cc i just kept it in 2nd gear which made it easier to get to 30.

Good luck anyhoo :D

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Nah you can only do your training on a 500 if you're doing your DAS, which I can't, because I'm only 19.

I've gotta do my Mod 1 and Mod 2 on my own 125. I'm actually quite pleased about it really, I'm used to my 125 whereas if I was to move onto a 500, I think I would have trouble getting used to the extra weight, different bite on the clutch etc

Early night tonight anyway!

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No faults, chuffed to bits

Phoned up a minute ago to book my mod 2 but they haven't got any days available for my days off :shock:

Gonna phone in a few days to see if there's any cancellations, otherwise I'm gonna have to wait a couple of weeks I think.

Happy days anyway!

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