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iPhone setup on bike

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I like to listen to music when I'm riding, especially on longer trips or on the motorway. Most of the time my current setup is fine. I have the iPod headphones in (not exactly comfy all day, but my UE ones won't fit inside my helmet) and play madly with the inline clicker to skip tracks occasionally. I can pause and resume given 5-10 minutes notice but I can't change volume.

I'd like to get something I can stick on my bars and use buttons to control volume as well as play/pause/skip. Something wireless ideally. Anyone have any ideas?

I was also thinking that since I don't have any decent headphones I can use on the bike I may as well check out playing music through the scala headset thingy I never really use. If anyone has any experience of a good FM transmitter or other setup for this I'd appreciate it.

In fact, if anyone has a better iPhone setup period, I'd appreciate it.

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Cheers Pete, the new bike certainly looks the way to go. I did look at that remote, but couldn't decipher a way to mount it. Perhaps I'll lay down some cash and see what I come up with.


Can i ask why you need the volume control?

I had a problem with my iphone. I have the autocom system which works fantastic apart from the fact I couldn't answer a bloody call. I had to use my old nokia n73 that I used for TOMTOM through the autocom and forward any calls from the iphone to the nokia which had the autoanswer feature.

I did however come up with the idea of creating a button mounted on the handlebars that would do that for me. I bought all the kit needed, cheap versions in case it didn't work, and had my mate Dan on here to solder it all. It works so it is possible to do for answering but no idea how you'd do the volume unless you could figure out the wiring from headphones that have that ability, but then I've not seen any headphones that can change the volume.

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I find I tend to turn the volume down around town where the wind noise is less obtrusive and it's better to be able to hear the cars around me and of course sirens (more and more it seems I need to hear sirens). When I get out on the motorway I can't hear the music so well but I don't want to pull over to turn up the volume!

Wearing only my summer gloves it's no problem using the inline controls on the headphones for everything else, it would just be nice to be able to do that with winter mode turned on. Also, volume would be nice as I say. Finally I'd like to get rid of wires.

I have a setup that, so long as I don't want to skip or change volume or stop the music when it's cold works fine right now. Headphones fit inside helmet and even at motorway volume will still be over-ridden with directions from TomTom via Scala. The TomTom/Scala works fine, as does answering calls through it from my iPhone. I just wish I had more control over the music at times.

Less wires is always good too, though it's pretty simple to tuck into the jacket.

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