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How much Training?

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:| Done cbt Sat, (now passed theory) everything o.k apart from a bit rusty,I want to do a das course now, put in for mod1 with maybe 2 hrs of training, then maybe another 2 hrs for mod2 prob is they want me to do 4 x4hr sessions first They told 2 others same even though the girl with me dropped bike kept stalling and had never ridden before other 1 had to return sunday as could'nt even go on the road

I realise that they need to make as much as poss and would hope it's not what they tell everyone,but at that rate its going to cost £400 plus test fees plus hire of bike for test :(

I felt confident as the 2 hr road ride went on,position and observation is already ingrained having rode for 10yrs and with the help of everyone on here's experience feel that I could at least have a go at mod1.

Is this the norm?

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I think it would be worthwhile to do the training. But if you're on a budget (like me!) just go for the mod1! I did it once, and failed! But after that i felt experienced enough to try it again. Its just getting an idea of the place where you do the mod1. Plus, if you fail, its only £15 lost. Whereas the mod2 is £70...

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Only thing is this has its own slots,they can get you a test tommorrow if they want, every other school near me is back to the 6/ 8 week wait (do it yourself book),the instructer I had was great, funny feeling its what they're told to say.

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Listen to your Instructor :)

2 hours training for Mod 1 and 2 hours training for Mod 2 ??

You would have to be S... Hot to pass!

However the choice is yours, get assessed with another school if you doubt there advise?

All the best anyway!

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But as we all things, do you not feel that some instructors are in it for the money, and will cheat people out of theirs telling them they need more hours than they really do??

I only say this because my instructor was money orientated, robbed me of valuable training time and was a nightmare experience, so much so that I didnt take my test as I wasnt ready ...

We like to think that they wouldnt lie to us... but you never know do you?

Saying that 2 hours for mod1 and 2 hours for mod2 - dont feel that would be adequate at all....

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I agree, and I know of Schools that do just that, in it for a quick buck, however there are a lot that are genuine in contributing to road safety, which as Instructors we should be doing.

As I say get another school to assess if not convinced, many at this time of your will only be too glad of the opportunity!

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If your confident you can do the slow speed stuff with your previous experience then go for it. The mod 1 was the killer for me though, it took 3 attempts as nerves got the better of me and my slow speed control of the heavy bikes was poor. Only you can say if your ready, have you seen the example mod 1 videos from the DSA, do you think you can do that with very little practice?

Good luck with the tests, hope to see you post on here with a "I've passed my mod 2" soon.

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Good Luck! I'd recommend getting training, but make sure its a good bike school!

My experience was...

Having driven for 2.5 years with no riding experience before my CBT.

Completed CBT training in 1day, couldn't get mod1 training till a month later..

My mod 1 training was 3hours doing it on a 125cc & followed by 3hours it on a 250cc. Then the next day 3hours on a 650cc

There was no road riding these days just practising with the cones laid out as they would be on test. A week later my test on the 650cc... too fast into swerve, late to roll of the throttle and booted the cone, instant fail.

A week later 3 more hours practising on the 650cc, was heavily advised against this by training school but wanted to make damn sure I passed the 2nd time! Test a week after that & passed. :)

2 Learners to 1 Instructor so not all of that time was spend with me doing it. Then the Extra 3 hours was 3:1, 2 people just starting their mod1 training and me demoing what should be done.

I remember the 17year old who was booked in for 6hours as didn't need to get used to the bigger sizes of bike.

As we wheeled round our bikes into the bays to start our training he was complaining "it takes all day, I've been riding my 125 for months, I could do this with my eyes shut etc." His 1st attempt? 3 knocked over cones and a dropped bike all on the slalom and figure of 8... Smooth! maybe he did shut his eyes :lol: It may sound harsh laughing at him but he was an annoying little chav, who rubbed me the wrong way.

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The more training you get the more confident you will feel.

Two hours training is only getting you used to the bike, not sorting out your actual training needs.

I would say take as much time as you feel you need, if your confident to take your mod1 then go ahead.

Mod2 will require more than two hours as you have your positioning,entry speed to corners,signals,roundabouts,overtaking,hill starts etc etc to get right.

Best of luck with your tests.

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At the minute a mod 1 pass or fail would do,I know 2hrs is nothing for prep but at least I'd know what to expect, as for the roads, maybe the extra training could be targeted for what I really need mod 2 pass I know then it will help, maybe I'm too eager,can't concentrate on anything else but full licence. :cry:

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