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Advice on buying Leathers

Guest peasnbarley

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Hi all,

I joined the forum in the hope of getting some advice on buying leathers.

I don't actually have a motorbike although I passed the bike test many moons ago. I am one of the advancing years nutters who build and compete in gravity sports. Last year we competed at Cairngorm Extreme with our cartie Runfree and took the fastest course time coming third overall. http://scottishcarties.org.uk/events/20 ... boxExtreme

As Runfree is built to fully enclose the driver there was no need under the rules to have leathers. However the rules for 2010 recommend they are worn in the cartie races and are mandatory for the new class of Gravity Bike and Sidecar.

Gravity races don't involve the sort of speeds that you guys achieve but it should be remembered that these vehicles are home built and in the main running on BMX wheels at speeds in excess of 70mph with push-bike brakes. We are trying hard to get the speed up but there are loads of problems to overcome and the target figure is of course the magic ton.

Can anyone advise on the suitability of buying the following Leathers and will they provide reasonable protection if/when I become detached from the side car rig.

One piece Nitro NLS20 leather suit at £ 99.99 and boots to match at £50

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0112463331


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Best thing to do is go and try them on...

Leathers should be fariley tight, they do loosen and soften up after a while of use, becomming just like a second skin..

There is plenty of info on the forum, go and have a look :D

Oh and welcome :)

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Hi, they look ok to me :thumb:

I notice it dont mention back protection, so you would need to purchase a back protector.....

Also you need to be careful with sizes... too big and its not much use... too small and your mans bits could be crushed nuts :shock: Best to find somewhere that stocks them where u can try them on, then say 'no they not what im after' and buy them off ebay :)

Good luck with the purchase, and the racing :)

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Hey :wave:

Welcome!! you really are a nutter int you ?? :lol:

Contact the tarmac at 70mph and you are surely in a world of pain! Buy the best you can afford, and make sure they fit well. As has been said, too loose, they don't work. they'll twist on you, cause friction burns and broken bones. Too tight ...well *high voice* . The top and bottom need to zip together, preferably all the way around ...

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice especially about how critical the size is. Obvious really but I had not thought so much about exact fit, more about were they made of decent leather and were thick enough. Your suggestions Vicki strike me as sound and I will trog along to the local shop and try on some gear. Thanks for reminding me about the nuts as at my age they tend to get overlooked!

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Hi all, I am back again for more good advice.

Bought the leathers and boots and seemingly they come with back, elbow and knee protectors which can't be bad for the money.

Vickie - you sound so like an old/very young mate of mine from Aberdeen University - Makes me smile.

This time I am on to see if any of you guys have some old (but good condition) steering dampers you want to sell on?

Also any advice regarding other ways to cut out front wheel wobble/knacker slap! Gravity racers don't have tanks!!!

Thanks again for all the help.

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Leathers should be a minimum of 1.6mm thick and the stitching should be a maximum of 8 stitches and a minimum of 6 stitches to the inch, any more than 8 and it will like perforation any less than 6 wont be strong enough.

And just so you know I worked for Interstate leathers for 4 years as a machinst and leather cutter.

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Hi and welcome.

Leathers need to be fed, I do mine usually about 3 or 4 times a year and good saddle soap or leather care product will do, clean the leather then feed it to keep it supple and strong.

as for knacker slap, it might be worth adjusting the front wheels so that they tow-in slightly so they are a little more / rather than [ ].

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I see the Moderators have something of a problem with this post. :roll: The request for advice on leathers was originally posted when I first joined which was under Newbies. I was given some very good advice especially about taking care of the man bits. The leathers in question are indeed somewhat tight, like a second skin and as they will only worn infrequently I have worn them about the house to stretch and soften them up a bit. The idea of saddle soap sounds great but I don't want to be walking about at a cartie event looking a bit of a tit in my fancy tight leathers, smelling like something found in the back of a horse box. :lol: As to the tank slap/man bits problem the solution was in the set up of the lead built into the front wheel namely fitting or building leading link forks. http://sidestrider.com/leadingfork.html.

PS I'm off to count the number of stitches per inch to see if that's right. - measures at 7 stitches to the inch. 8-)

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