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RST Ventilator and Gear Tour 2015 - Jackets

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Went out today and bought myself 2 new jackets (was quite impressed with myself, had resigned myself to nothing fitting me!), but just wanted to know if anyone knows anything about / has owned either of them and can tell me whether they're any good/bad as google hasn't come up with anything much in the way of opinion (haven't taken the tags off either of them yet and don't want to find out the hard way if they're pants, or look like an idiot riding along with the tags on!):

RST Ventilator jacket (textile - i'm looking for this to be all-year-round and waterproof for commuting uses).

An example here: http://www.bigbikebook.com/14492/RST-VENTILATOR-W-P-JACKET.html

Gear Tour 2015 jacket (leather - i bought this because i prefer the look and like the idea it will protect me better than textiles).

An example here: http://www.bike-gear.com/product/4184/Gear_Tour_2015_Jacket

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Guest Mr Miller

I too have RST jacket and ½ leather textile trousers and I have nothing bad to say about them!

They seem to me to be good quality, reasonably priced and they're British...or at least designed by some one who's British!

I like the look of one of their helmets too but I think they only fit the slim-noggin'd people - not the huge, melon-headed ones.....like me!

Good luck with them!

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I TOO have the rst jacket :D

Compared to my leather jacket, its lovely and warm, and waterproof.

Alot less air seems to get through compared to me leather jacket aswell, really making commuting more comfterable.

Only issue is, there are about *counts* 5 different zips, so takes a little while to get used to it :lol:

I think there are 2 inner layers aswell, better for warmer weather etc.

Id recommend one :D

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