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Usual, Winter= Bike wont start


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Just after some advice, obviously has been very cold and snowing. My bike lives outside in this covered up, 08 Honda vaardero 125. Used it about a week ago, maybe bit longer. Thought id start it up today, but wont start. The lights come on the instrument panel when turn the key and as always neutral light stays on. However when ignition switch is pressed, bike just makes a loud unpleasent clicking sound from under the seat, which i think is start motor. The bike has no kick start or choke and has fuel in it.

Im no mechanic, and know very little, my only guess is the battery is flat but wouldent that mean no lights etc? Any other help be great, as dont fancy calling out honda breakdown service if something i can fix.


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The clicking you describe is symptomatic of a flat battery mate. Get it charged asap and should be fine :thumb:

OR ,, your battery is now dead as a dodo and needs replacing. Charge it first! Cheapest option!

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You can have enough battery power for lights, but not to start the bike. Used to happen all the time on my old Yamaha :D

I'd say just bump start it, but those varadero's are pretty heavy, aren't they?

Time to get charging!

-edit beat me to it Dan!

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Iv'e been tryin to get on top of mine for years, cause mine constantly lives outside. I've bought two new battery's, and have discovered that if i don't use my bike every day summer and winter, the alarm i have on my bike will kill the battery in a week due to the constantly flashing led light. so now i've bought an oxford oximiser and keep my battery off my bike till i'm gonna use it alot. The only thing i've found is that if i try and start it from dead cold(like now), the battery will probably not have enough power straight away to start the engine that has stood for some time, so i usually bump it first off to keep the battery full. Then after using it for a few day's it's fine. If i leave it two weeks it's dead again, so i just take it off and charge it indoor's.

Don't know if anyone's got any more advise for me, would be gratefully recieved.

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batteries don't like the cold!

an optimate is the way forward!

failing that, if you're not going to use bike

for a couple of weeks take battery off and put

somewhere warmer


Oximiser does the same job as an optimate doesn't it ?

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Sounds like your battery has had it. A full charged battery in good condition should spin the engine no problems, till it primes and jumps into life. New plugs always help with poor starting reducing the drain on the battery. 8-)


I havn't tried it since getting the oximiser, but it's a pretty new battery so it shouldn't be a problem. Not sure if my old charger was doing it's job though. I'll let you know what happen's when i try it.

I do know the oximiser has recognised the battery as fully charged though :)

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