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I'm a HJC CL-ST Head

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Been helmet shopping recently, and tried on the entire available stock of Hein Gericke and Bike Gear, in the sub £200 range.

Before i go and really strech my student finances buying a £200+ Arai (The £200+ Shoei helmets don't fit well enough and i've been told everyone fits either a Shoei or an Arai) i was just hoping someone here might really know their helmets.

Since starting riding, i've used the £110-£120 HJC CL-ST helmets in size XS (not because i have a particularly small head, more that the shell is big with this helmet). This is the only helmet i've ever found fits well enough (i.e. nice and tight but not so that it's going to cause headaches). Problem is that after about a year of regular (but not daily) use, the cheek pads in these loosen up so that the fit is no longer tight enough (i don't want to be replacing my helmet every year - and i have intentions to do more regular riding this coming year, so it might not even last a year). The probably bigger problem is that these CL-ST helmets have been discontinued :?

Does anyone know of another helmet (possibly a replacement model), that's the same shape? (or near as dammit)

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Have no idea about similar helmets but, have you tried taking the cheek pads out, or the whole lining if just the cheek pads arent removal, and washing them? Did this with my Shoei ones and it plumped them up again. Worked wonders when i did it.

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Hey, when it comes to helmets you need to go and try them on. I have a weird shaped head, it's really long, so I struggle to find helmets to fit. I did the same as you and spent ages going from helmet to helmet to see what would fit and ended up with a HJC as other than the 300+ Shoei I tried on it fitted the best.

Anyway, you really need to try the helmets on yourself as even though the shell might be similar the linings might not be etc and you need the perfect fit.

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I have a shoei raid 2 and it fits me like a glove. Saying that, so do all Arai's other than the viper so I would try on helmets before believing that you either fit an arai or a shoei! :)

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