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Flip lids

Guest rick

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Would like to buy a flip lid after Xmas so went to try a few on yesterday... was thinking about getting the Caberg Justisimio GT but as the flip comes down it hits my chin! All the Caberg ones I tried suffered the same fate so was a bit dissappointed!

I did try the Schuberth C3 flip and that wasn't too bad... but didn't intend on spending >£200 on one and that came in at >£400!

HJC were also there but not in XL so will have to check those out at some point.

Is it just me or do the flip lids generally give less room for ur chin??!

Can anyone recommend any other brands in my price range?

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I tried the caberg helmet as well and also found my chin touching the helmet.

I wanted a flip lid for using it for work,saving the hassle of having to take helmet off for refuelling,getting buzzed through the gate etc etc.

I bought a fairly cheap BOX flip lid which suits me for work,think it was around the £70

It has a decent lining and fits very comfortable.

I will be buying another helmet in the new year but for now it does the job.

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Try the Nolan N103 (?) I have the 102 and it has more jowl room than my Schuberth C2.

I don't look like Bruce Forsyth but even so some of the flip fronts hit my chin too. However, I think once they're on they're not so bad in the comfort stakes.

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I'll go with Mr P,

Have had a Nolan for last 3 yrs, a good lid,

detachable lining & cheek pads so ok for the washing machine,

I bought a shoei multitec early this year & was not impressed,,

the helmet looks good but the nolan beat it hands down for internal fittings,,

The shoei the lining is glued in, So helmet hygiene is not good

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Various models of Caberg flip fronts get good reviews and are cheap. I've heard good things about the Nolan flip fronts too.

My Schuberth C3 is by far the best designed helmet I've ever had - totally comfy, the flip front works great, effortless to operate and effective ventilation, pinlock style mist shield standard, flip down tinted shield standard (and so much easier than a replacement tinted visor), you can work the chin strap with a single gloved hand, etc., etc. They are a bit pricey though. Still, I'd buy another one to replace this one when the time comes.

You might still be able to find some C2s in stock for a lot cheaper. BMW branded flip fronts are made by Schuberth as well, but I doubt you'd get much of a discount going that way.

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i thort people who rode with flip up helmets were really old,and boring,then i bought one from the bmf for next to nowt,and its frikin ace :lol: :lol: my caberg is brlliant and i love riding round with the helmet up and internal visor down :D did 3000 miles like that in 2008 and only ate 2 flies the whole time :lol: :lol:

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