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Im currently using some really cheap 2 quid a bottle oil for my bike. only problem is after a long ride my throttle cable slips abit and i lose power. its not hard to regain power by letting go of the throttle and then twisting it back again. but i would like to know if theres anything i can do. a mate said try some castrol synthetic oil or something. but if i remember right too much of the stuff can start to do damage.

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Oil and the throttle action aren't connected - I take it it is the engine oil you are on about?

Don't use cheap (especially car) oil in a bike.

If your throttle is 'slipping' it must be something else.

Is your grip secure? Throttle cable stretched/frayed? Clutch slipping?

If you are using car oil it could be clutch issues as the additives in car oils cause damage to bike clutches

(one's wet clutch the other dry clutch - i.e. one sits in the engines oil the other doesn't)

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