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Indicators Died


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I have to laugh, otherwise i'd probably cry :lol:

Another CB500 problem (thankfully a minor-seeming one) - have left the bike sat for 2 weeks as it's been icy (under a cheap Lidl motorbike cover, and i was careful to cover it before the bike got wet as i didn't think it would let the moisture out). Went out today to do some basic checks etc in preparation for the bike going back into regular use.

First problem i noticed was that the indicator switch was lightly "sticking" in place (instead of snapping back), immediately followed by the realisation that the indicators themselves weren't working either. Fixed the former problem with generous amounts of WD40, but the latter problem remains. The ignition light for indicators doesn't flash, and neither do any of the indicators, nor is there any perceptible clicking.

Recently fitted a new (2nd hand) front left indicator, which was playing up. Have tried removing the connection from this (behind the headlamp), but no change. Also checked the fuse boxes, but all the fuses are unbroken.

Had an alarm system fitted by a mechanic about 4 months ago, but unplugging it made no difference either.

My next idea is to trace the entire length of the indicators (right from the switch, which i plan to take apart) to see what i can see wrong and/or spray with WD40, unless anyone has a good idea of what's wrong or where to start?

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Got a multimeter?

If so I would check you are getting power to the switch first, then work back from there. If they were working before then it cant me anything major - probably moisture build up somewhere.

Also how charged was the battery? If low then they might not work - did you try with the engine running?

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check the bulb fitment in the replacement indicator, could be a bad connection.. but i would check (undo the switch gear) the switch mech first, and give a good clean inside,.

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