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Help please

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Hi.. I'm new here. I know this might be the wrong part of the forum but I thought I'd get the best response here.

I'm a student and have a Yamaha Cygnus 125 scooter (4 stroke)

It recently suffered a quite sudden loss of power and it's been back to the shop where i bought it but they have been unable to fix it.

Before the problem it would quite happliy sit at 55-60 mph but now is slow to accelerate and will only do 40mph :(

It happened while i was going along at about 55.. it just slowed right down

The drive belt is fine, they've cleaned the carbs, put in new rollers and spark plug but it has not resolved the problem

When the bike is on its stand the back wheel will seemingly reach high speed.. but with someone on it very sluggish

Has anyone got any ideas? I need the bike to get to uni and work on busy A roads and it is quite unpleasant and dangerous riding at 30 - 40mph on such roads. On hills it get down to 25mph sometimes when it used to get up them at 50 no problem

could it be something to do with the pulley system on the back wheel that moves outwards to speed up? it seems to be functioning when on its stand

any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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They know it's still the same.. they didn't know what else it could be tho

they didn't charge me anything for the work they did on it.. but they could not really suggest what needed doing to it

i thought maybe someone on here might have an idea

it's not a new scooter, has around 15k on the clock

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Hi, thanks

They said the engine was fine and it seems ok to me.. Just the power isn't being transfered to the back wheel.. or it's lost torque or something. I don't know.

I want to maintain a good relationship with the guys at the shop.. they have tried to help and I didn't get charged for over 2 hours labour.

They said the next port of call would be to take it to a yamaha dealership.. but they will check the same things? drive belt, spark plugs, rollers etc

I don't have much money to spend on expensive labour from the dealership so would quite like to work out what the problem is

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I want to maintain a good relationship with the guys at the shop..

how long have you had it?

more than a couple of months and you don't really have any come back on the shop. sounds like they can't @rsed to sort it for some reason!

if you bought it recently from them, you really need to push them to sort it quickly or you'll loose your oppertunity.

don't be too sypathetic toward them, they may well of knowingly sold you and old dog of a bike!!!

there are loads of things you could check on the bike but it depends how much you can do yourself.... plugs, ignition lead condition, fuel/ air filters, oil levels, battery charging, good earth connection.........

have you tried calling a dealer to get an idea of prices? it may not be as bad you think and they will certainly be able to sort it out.

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