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help with exhaust and MOT problem


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yooo folks, well my bikes MOT runs out today so ill need to book its first ever MOT shortly, Although i Need to wait till the DVLA sends me my registration certificate first.

but i have a little problem , theres a smallish hole in the can . and i was told you can fail your MOT for that. so i bought a new exhaust hoping to replace it but I cant get the old one off due to the 4 bolts that attach it are all rusted badly. this is due to the previous owner not taking care of the bike and leaving it out in the rain for 6 months.

so anyone got any thoughts on how i could get it off? one way i was thinking to try was maybe angle grind the heads off the bolts?


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try some release agent on them,wd40,or heat them up, but you gotta be carefull doing it that way, if you cut the heads off you will have to drill down the bolt thread or use a tap and die set to collapse the old bolt.personally i would keep trying with the sockets and wd40,use an extended wratchet handle to allow more leaveridge,good luck

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WD40 is good at what it does but is a very poor penetrating oil. Buy a specific penetrating oil preferably with graphite, and follow the instructions on the tin.

The exhaust is held onto the cylinder head by studs and nuts. The steel studs screw into the alloy head. Nuts then screw onto the studs to hold the exhaust. Try warming the engine. Don't go mad and use excessive force. If you snap the studs or strip the thread in the head you will have big problems.

Soak it with penetrating oil. tap it, work the socket both ways, tighten and loosen, warm it and cool it. Be patient.

When you refit use copper grease to help prevent binding.

Might be an idea to see what the bike fails on before undertaking repairs. 8-)

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coool, thanks for the information and help guys, ill look into buying some decent penetrating oil, and I may suggest getting an MOT first to see what it fails on as colin the bear said :D

just another question , how much is an MOT for a bike? I was told its around 27 quid? or does it depend on bike size?

mine is a hyosung GT125R

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£29.20, for class 1 (up to 200cc) and 2 motorbicycles. direct.gov.uk

Ensure you ask them to quote you for any remedial work and not carry it out without your permission..

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