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Kawasaki ZXR750 H1 throttle assembly

Guest trekkieboy

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I have a 1989 Kawasaki ZXR750 h1

recently when i use the throttle to its extreme the throttle assembly moves with it and i have to push it back in position.

I had a look by loosening the bolts on the throttle assembly and sliding it down the handlebar and there's a hole where i think a bolt should go through on the handlebar to keep the throttle assembly in place, i can see what is supposed to go through the hole from the outside of the throttle assembly, its like a bolt with no head and no thread but it doesnt move and no matter how much i move the throttle assembly and try to line it up and push the thing in its not going to move and its completely round and smooth so not sure about getting a grip on it, i haven't removed the throttle assembly completely as my limited skills don't stretch to removing the cables.

please help

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put some insulation tape/ black nasty / bodge tape.. on the bar where the switch is, but not under the throttle tube, this will give friction and stop the whole mechanism moving whilst not restricting the throttle,

Its a simple mod on most bandits running renthals, as the plastic plug is often cut off rather than a hole in the bar drilled...

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