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Am I thick?

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I keep getting conflicting opinions on the test process even though I thought I knew what it was....cbt....theory...module 1.... etc.

From what I have read it seems you have to have a spot of compulsory training if you are going for the open access test, but do you have to have training for the one you do on a 125 with a 2 year restriction to 33bhp once you have passed it? Someone has told me you do, hence the question 'am I thick'?

Common sense would suggest you get some module 1 practise but I consider myself reasonably competant after a couple of months back in the saddle after a 20+ year break.

So....do you or dontcha?

PS. Feel free to check out http://www.howden-live.com Its a thing of wonder...Two initial highlights are Skavolution and a double header with Chantel McGregor and Derrin Nauendorf.

Happy New Year!!

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If you have done your CBT and theory, you do not have to have any further training to do MOD 1 and 2 on a 125, and then restricted up to 33BHP for 2 years. If however you want to ride a bigger CC bike, you have to be accompanied at all times by a trainer. Most schools will assess you and tell you if need any training before test which is likely as they will want to make some money out of you. They will then accompany you to the MOD tests. I personally took the restriction route as not in hurry to get bigger cc bike.

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It has nothing to do with training on a bigger bike really. If you think you can pass without further training I wish you all the luck . There are certain things you need to do on the road to achieve the correct standard that are not taught on the CBT . Well they might be touched on but unless its drummed into you you are not going to do them on the test.

If you feel you have picked up no bad habbits then fine try it and good luck. I have seen a few people who thought they could do it without training and they could ride too. Most failed.

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I don't think it will hurt to have some on the road training, and I know I could find this stuff out by approaching a training centre, but what is a sensible amount of money to be spent doing that?

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I would recommend getting a couple of days training with a centre because even if you are a good rider they will show you the way you need to ride to pass the test. Also you will learn life saving experience for when you are out on the road!!

I rode big bikes abroad for years but still wanted to go through a training centre to get the right way to ride.

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Honestly a couple days with an instructor will prety much guarantee that you will pass if you are a rider already.

Its amazing the amount of students that think they will breaze it because they can ride and get a major fail just because they didnt do a life saver in the correct place at a right hand turn. We had a guy who didnt know how to correctly negotiate a set of traffic lights with a separate filter. Scarey thing is he had a car licence for the last 10 years.

Im not saying you cant do it just why risk it. Cost? £300 I would think , maybe cheaper if you use your own bike and book your own test. We do three days for 450 quid so .. I have to say to even do the three day training you have to be a good confident rider and had a fair amount of experience.

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