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gearbox advice please !!

Guest southpaw

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Hi Guys , i`ve got a problem with changing gear on my cbr , goes up all the gears fine , but coming back down it sticks in 4th /3rd and gear shifter does nothin , i then have to let my clutch out gently till clutch bites and this seems to free it off , (can hear a click/clunk sound on the bite of the clutch ) it then goes back down fine

tried all the simple things , wd40 on linkage , adjust chain tension , adjust clutch cable , oil change ,

i assume its gonna be an internal problem , any one any advice as to how easy this job is ,what to look out for , or is it a job for my local friendly ,expensive garage

any advice appreciated , thanks

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i had something silimar on one bike. have you tried lifting the lever back to the central position then shifting down again?

the fault i had was the two springs that locate the gearlever went rusty so they collasped. if the lever doesnt return to the center it cant select the next gear as the mech doesnt reset as it were.

so kick down, lift it back till you feel resistance & kick down again. if it works its that. dunno how to fix it on yours though.

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clunk could be it going into gear as the power comes on. it sounds selector rather than box at a guess. most box problems ive seen grate & grind rather than just refuse a gear.

best of luck with it anyway.

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