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Leathers and Boots - Ordering Online

Guest Sean

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I've been riding for a year using a Duchinni jacket and trousers which I bought for £100 from a local bike shop, they've pretty much worn out now, not very waterproof, zips starting to go etc

So I'm thinking about buying a set of 2 piece leathers and new boots. I want the leathers to be sports styled and same for the boots. The only thing is, I've read a few reviews on sports boots saying they're not good for every day use, so I think I'd be better off buying touring style boots.

Just looking for some advice really, Budget is around £200-£250 for suit and £100 for boots. Don't know whether to buy online or to go to local places to look for something. I haven't got any big bike shops near by, so I'm tempted to shop online, just worried about sizing and stuff..

Thanks in advance for any replies!

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When buying leathers sean it`s always best to try them on. I`m size 42 in RST stuff but recently brought a BKS set and that was 44 so you definately need to try them on. Regarding boots, get a pair that will do the job of keeping your ankles supported, dry in the wet and don`t worry too much about what style you get. I have these as a good all rounder, although they are more of a touring boot.


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Don't know Brum but if you're near enough to J&S > http://www.jsaccessories.com/ You can get loads of deals and they're the same price on line.


I have bought two of my last three pairs of boots at J&S. I currently have Puma Brutale, goretex lined and for £112 :shock:

Always try boots and leathers on, sizes are just numbers. I have never worn above size 9 boots but am wearing 11's now, and I think I'm outside the still growing age bracket.

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+1 to try it on.

I tried on lots of boots and leathers of lots of brands, and despite most being "my size" (or the size above/below) they just didn't fit properly. Too loose here, too tight there, etc.

In the end i found that one (pair of) touring style boot and just one touring style leather jacket (and no trousers) was all that fitted me out of my local Bike Gear and Hein Gericke. And i'm not an odd size. Or at least, i didn't think i was :?

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i'm of the thought that i like to keep my local businesses open, so if my bike shop is selling what i need at a price i'm happy with, i'll buy from there..

I've seen Kendal go from 4 bike shops in 1990's to 0, window shopping then going online to out-do will only out-do you in the end..

if i get locally, then its a trip into town if there's a problem,

this is not just for bike stuff,

support your town.... small businesses have it harder than the big companies,

even buying from J&S online instead of instore, could see the store struggling... we could become a nation served by the virtual high street instead of an actual experience..

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