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Need serious re-adjustment help! Carbs not so good..


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I wonder why the bike wasnt Quite running right.. :roll:

Carbs on one side..


Carbs on the other..




How do i sort this little dilema out as its not as easy as just Popping them back into place..

Thanks in advance .. :)

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Your right, there not that easy! I found the only way is to remove the fuel tank and everything back from the carb rubbers ie, the filter houseing, this allowes you more space to get your fingers in refitting these carb rubbers. Would not recommend using any lub on the rubbers as this causes them to pop off again very easierly.

The rubbers all need to go back snug with no strain on the rubbers, failing to do this, will result in one popping off and you being back to square one.

Take you time don't fight it, you'll know when its right.

As suggested fit new rubber clamps "those spring clips do look tired" make sure you get the clamp tightening screws in such a position as to allow you to get to tighten them up.

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On my XJR you can loosen the air box move it back a bit and i mean a bit :lol: and theres enough room to replace the inlet rubbers and take the skin off your fingers but it can be done,maybe you could look at this on your bike

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I had a completely dissimilar problem on my Hornet, don't know if what I did will be of any help to you, but what else is the internet for other than tangentially related posts? Fitted washers to restrict her and this extra clearance stopped the cylinder head / carbs / airbox fitting properly. Slacked off all three and jiggled them about 'til the difference was split and tightened everything up again.. might help?

Good luck anyways, get the rubbers as warm as possible and that'll help with fitting.

Edit: Check for skew between the carbs/airbox/cylinder head. Skew is a bast*rd in all things.

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Nothing new to add here but the clips people are talking about are jubilee clips (I got a pack from B&Q I think - just get the same sized ones as on the other side of the carb - on the inlet manifold). Good luck Jin, let us know how you get on!

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Thanks to you all :D

Going up to NH This weekend where shes stored.. Will try it then :mrgreen:

Keep you up dated.. And you will probably get a few more posts like this.. Old gal has got a couple of problems.. :wink:

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  • 3 weeks later...

*Kicks bike over*


Ok So when i tried to put that ONE back on.. All the rest popped off.. :evil:

Me and fozzie then tinkered for sodding Ages on her..

Now thinking about taking the engine out, sorting it out then putting her back together.. Means i can do a few other lil bits just So scared of f**king it all up.. :(

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If you think you can manage to get the engine out and back in again, would it really help ? I suppose if you have other issues aswell it may be useful?

Goodluck though :lol:

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Keep cool, as said my friend, patients is what’s needed. Walney has already said, there’s not a chance of fitting an engine with the carbs rubbers mounted on the engine, l entirely go along with that view.

Check the rubbers are in good condition and dry – free from any grease or lubricant. You might also want to check that the rubbers sockets don’t have any offsets on them. What l mean by this is, that some rubbers are not quite parallel, turning them ever so slightly will either make them fit easy or put tension on the socket resulting in when you get the last one on, one or more of the others pops off. They have to go on and fit without any lateral tension. You should in theory be able to fit all the rubbers in place without tightening any of the clamps, me l just nip them up as l go along, and tighten up completely when all are in place; you should certainly not be forcing the rubbers into position.

Best of luck

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This is Completely forcing.. Having real Dificulty getting them on, never mind then trying the next one..

Just all in all being a complete Bitch!

I knew this would be a sod of a job but.. Jeez!

Im starting to wonder if one of the last owners has replaced the airbox or rubbers with the wrong bits! :|

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As above, loosen airbox ect,


offer up carbs to the airbox stubs at a slight upward angle then slide em in ,

a assistant would be helpful to make sure the stubs are seated correctly,

now push carbs backwards toward airbox,

the softer airbox rubbers and loosened airbox gives you slightly more manoeuvring room,

tighten clamps on airbox side,

align carbs with inlet stubs move carbs and airbox gently forward till the engage stubs,

some times if stubs are a bit tight i apply light smear of silicone grease on outside of carb bodies where they join carbs,just to help ease em in.

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