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tyre swap

Guest inkmonkey

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hi can any one help , i have a skyjet xjg125-23 and i was wondering if i can swap over the wheels to off road tyers as i have to travel up some durt track to get to work and i cant offord a new bike

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whats a skyjet xjg? is it a road bike... which means it will look pants with knobblies.. if its off road, then it'll look ok, but lack the levels of grip.. best would be road tyres, supermoto style..

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More relevant than the make of the bike, is the size of the wheels. With a wheel size, manufacturers can be searched to find out what is available. A different tread pattern may give a better grip on the loose stuff without too much of a compromise on road grip. Be aware though that no tyre will grip wet mud. You need to adjust your riding tecnique to cope with off road situations and some bikes just won't do it, no matter what you fit or how you ride. 8-)

Edit. Just googled your bike. If this is it,



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