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Adjusted chain now unknow noise?


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Hi Guys,

I have managed to get round to tightening my chain today and after I have done this I had a little test ride and noticed that there is a whirring sound coming from what sounds like the front sprocket at low speed ?

I have tightened it so that there is about 20mm play on the chain also the tyre isn't catching on anything seems to be aligned OK? Was wondering if 20mm is to tight?

Cheers in advance

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sounds like its too tight and needs lube..

count the notches on either side of the arm, they are a good guide, but not 100% accurate, but will do, you should have the same notches lined up on either side, and about an inch of play, check manual for exact specs. (and the check should be done with load on the bike, go from the right side and put your weight over the seat and measure..)

i adjust mine by loosening the shaft bolt, then a quarter turn on each adjuster until its how i want it... that way you dont over adjust one side and have to faff about...

is your chain suitably lubricated?

good video here

http://www.ehow.com/video_4956935_adjus ... chain.html

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Thanks guys for the help so far!!

I made sure when I tightened the chain that I turned equal on each side, To be honest the chain wasn't well lubricated and I lubricated it at the same time.

Just had a look at the GS manual I have and it says between 20mm - 30mm. I noticed I was getting a judering noise before I tightened the chain which on some posts on here suggests the chain is to slack. That has gone now and I am left with this whirring noise at about 10mph as I am slowing and speeding up. Just worried if it's dangerous.

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I've had this a few times

what i found was the chain wasn't sitting right in the middle on the sprockets, some fiddling and a little while later it seems to sort its self out :?

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The geometry of the swing arm on some bikes means that as the suspension compresses, the chain gets tighter. If you have the chain to tight it limits the movement of the suspension. If it's humming like a bowstring, when you're riding, it's too tight. However, too loose and it will come off. You need the "Goldilocks" setting. 8-)

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