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1999 ZX6R G2 rear suspension.

Guest Mike_Morgan

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Does anyone have any close-ups of the rear suspension on a 1999 ZX6R G2 suspension?

I have been informed that there is a possibility that mine is uprated. Unfortunately I am in a different country to my bike at the mo so cant get any close-ups of it to show you lot. :(

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I don't know if this is any help but have a look. This is 2001 but i wouldn't have thought their was much difference :)



Hope this helps, cheers Killmach :twisted:

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theres no real need to change the rear suspension on em anyway, nothing really goes wrong with them your the similar build and hight for test stock that the bike should be set up for (unless the chap you brought it from was 3 ft 2 and 25 stone :D) it should not have changed much.

The only other reason i could see to change it would be either heavy tourning or racing. Either or would in (my eyes) make me worry about the extra stress on other components (head race bearings etc, frame stresses)

So all in all, a clean standard bike is the best second hand buy IMO.

All you need to do now is learn how to use it so you can find your own style. Then you make Mods to enhance your skills.

I know you want to get in mod like with the cars but this is different, youll just be waisting your money and make an uncofortable ride sorry hun..

If you want me to have a look then call me.

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Sarah, im not considering tuning it at all tbh. Its just that it was pointed out to me that the suspension was possibly uprated. TBH im not too fussed if it isnt.

I dont think I will need anything quicker than this for quite a while. Still cant believe how quick it feels. :D

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