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Might be there early afternoon today if anyone else is around.

Not 100% sure, gotta see how the day pan's out.

Goin Piccies in a min for a free admission viewing, so if t' suns still owt afta that, oi'l be reet tempted ta git t' bike oot! :lol:

Even though the barsteward little aprillia finally gave up the game yesterday :(

3Hrs we were sat at the roadside awaiting recovery.

Thats it, its going on ebay today!! :evil:

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Hey pinty, I was there till 13:30 thought I saw your bike but didn't see you around, may have been another yellow cbr (cant be many around in your colour scheme though mate!).

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did it have a white http://www.themotorbikeforum.co.uk sticker on the back?

If not, it must have been an imposter! :lol:

Texted willow earlier to see if you guys were out and about anywhere, wondered if you'se fancied a coffee.

Never mind, hopefully will be loads more opportunities before summers totally over 8)

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Yea I know mate, she says shes sorry she missed you mate.

To be honest you are better off texting me at the weekend as she only ever has her phone on silent so she misses loads of txts at home!!!! :shock:

Should be pleanty of time left mate, even if its only for a social. BTW did you see a whole load of gixers turn up, a load of peeps from gixerjunkies were up there as well it was great seeing all those gixers take off from matlock.

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it was great at Matlock Bath full stop, love that place :D

Was gonna go up the Cat for a proper cuppa but needed to get back to sort some bits an bobs :?

Had a brilliant run up there and on the way back.

Took Mrs Snoopy pillion coz the RS is shagged.

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have to get her test booked and get her a 'proper' bike. THATS what we need to do, lol

She lusts after a thundercat, always has done, always will do, won't be happy till she's got one.

so thats it, RS is going to fund test, then next year, work our asses off to get Mrs Snoops a bike.

I keep telling her if I can have a GSXR750 or Fireblade, she is totally and completely more than welcome to have my CBR600, but she won't have any of it :twisted: :lol:

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