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indicators stay on and make a humming noise rather than flas


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ive got a chinese maxus x dirt 125cc cheap jobbie. when i turn the indicators on they stay on and i get a high pitch humming noise rather than have them repeat as they should. any idea what it could be??

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Next step will take longer. You say you have replaced with a new relay and the symptom persists? This suggests a bad earth to me, this could be anywhere in the flasher loom (oooer :D ) Unfortunately it is a case of tracing all the indicator wires to see if they have chafed anywhere (againsts the frame eg) exposing copper to the a ground.

Probabaly a good idea to clean all the indicator connections whilst you are at it, disconnect, clean up (emery cloth) reconnect, check harness routing...

Have you got a multimeter? Would be able to confirm if you had a bad earth.... then just be a case of finding it ....

(1. hope that helps... 2. hope i'm not sending you on a goose chase lol)

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is definanlty the right flasher relay :D

the bike hasnt even done 300 miles yet, i cant find any loose wires etc. im wondering if i should try fix the original relay incase it 'needs' to use that one, its a pretty spotless bike

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