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Brake light dead on front brake

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I went out on my bike tonight. when i got bike i checked the brake light and when i pull the front brake lever thet brake light does not come on. i press down the back brake and it lights up like normal. i checked this only a week or so and it was fine but now this. im sure its the same bulb for both brakes.

what could be causing this ? its dangerous like that especially i use the front brake 95% of the time.


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well if it were me i would try and locate the switch first then check it with a multi tester to see if the switch is faulty.. if you dont have a tester and unless any of the other guys can think of anything else then for me its a new switch, replace it and bobs ya uncle..

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Hi i checked it. its at the front. the brake leaver has a little ball on it. when the ball moves away from the switch the brake light doesent work. i tired toggling the switch with my finger but it still didnt work so im assuming its dead. il ring the honda dealer tomorow and see if they can get me one in.

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