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Old tyre ? How to assess ?


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Hi all,

I've just bought my first big bike - Suzuki Bandit 600N 1998. Went through MOT no problem but they mentioned that front tyre is old (it has full tread, virtually untouched, but the bike has not been used for a few years...) Anyway, the tyre has wee cracks on sides - like when rubber gets old it cracks... They have suggested replacing it... is there an assessment that I can do to find out how long it will last ? well, even roughly ?


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If that is what they say, I'd do it. The fact it has begun to perish is not a good sign.

There will be a date code on the side of the tyre, should be heat stamped on there somewhere, comprising of a week no. and a year. Normally found after the the size and load rating...


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see the 4806?

the tyre was manufactured week 48, 2006..

Hope that helps

I should clarify, tyres do have a shelf life. IIRC its about 6 years. I stand to be corrected though.

Edit again: found this for ya: http://www.carbibles.com/tyre_bible.html

it may be a car tyre... but the logic holds true

Thanks a lot, appreciate that.

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Don't think you should even be asking this question, if you have been advised to change because of it's age + you yourself can see cracks in the tyre side wall like the rubber is perished,, your own common sense should tell you to change it, your first ride should be to the tyre shop,,,,,,,,,

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cracks in the side walls and advice from a shop, what would you think if they went on you, at speed.. bugger wish i'd listened..

either bike to shop, or drop the wheel and take it in,

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