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Motorcycle Gloves... brand suggestions?

Guest RosePetals

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Hi there,

Well I've having the most frustrating time finding a replacement pair of motorcycle gloves.

Seems I'm a L or XL depending on manufacturer and make, but I can't find a pair of gloves that fit right and don't cut off circulation around my thumb or are too big, too small, too heavy in material, etc. I'm just looking for an all leather pair of gloves without the hard kevlar bits. Anyone have any suggestions? My husband has a pair of Joe Rocket High side’s that he says I should try out.


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I have searched years trying gloves on, and never found any to fit right, I have got small fingers but a wide palm.

I tried all the expensive makes, Alpinstars, Berik, Dainese etc.

I settled for a pair of Akito gloves costing me £40 6 years ago. They were an excellent fit but had to replace them earlier this year because the lining was torn.

I tried Akito gloves again, and the fit was totally different.

I must have tried on 40 pairs of gloves at my local bike clothing store, until I found a pair of RST gloves in the bargin bin for £30 which were a perfect fit.

Its just a case of trying loads on. Get the right fit first time, as you would with a helmet. Worst thing you want is being uncomfortable during a long ride.

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Had a pair of Joe Rocket gloves last year and they are absolutely crap. Had a pair of Buffalo that were brilliant winter gloves but I binned then due to them getting a bit minging! Bought a pair of Richa gloves recently and they are good too.

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