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Money as Debt


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I've come across a few useful and interesting documentaries/viseos recently, so here's a link to onether one in particular (there are many discussions on this board about banking and lending, etc):

MoneyAs Debt

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 790090544#

I found this video very helpful. I've understood for a long time that, contrary to popular belief, banks do not lend you other depositors savings. They simply invent new, digital money, out of thin air on the promise that you'll pay it back with interest. But i struggled to understand how it works and how and why it is allowed.

This animated video is a good intro and helped me alot.

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A good watch, very informative.

Good questions at about 29 mins in and a solution to pay off national debt on 38 mins.

Another good to watch is how the idea of the banks was conceived to help fund the government to pay to fight the french.

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