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MOD1 - 8.15am Tomorrow

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The examiner who tested me on my mod1 for which i failed by locking my back brake, told me not to use it and that the front would do the job.

Im sure you will be fine mate.

I have failed my 1st attempt because I didn't use back brake. I would suggest at least pretend that you are using it :wink:

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Would you believe it, the first time I've locked up the back while training was last night, on my last lesson before the test!!!

Not so confident now :? .......


I saw a guy lock his back wheel on a MOd 1 and stil pass because he had the sense to let the rear brake off as soon as he felt it... and hence "maintained control of the bike"

I can only suggest the minimum of rear brake and keep your emphasis on using the front brake

also I know it sounds daft but during the avoidance manourvre once you straighten up and are heading for the speed trap look through and beyond it early to seek out the blue cone that you will be swerving around..dont dwell on looking at the trap- good luck

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