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Thorpe Park / Alton Towers

Guest GubbaTM

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Hey Guys,

Whilst I've got it on the brain (having mentioned it to Sam), who's up for a trip to a theme park in the near future?

Darren said he's got a large car, so we can get a few people in it.

As it's now school time, wherever we go will be nice and quiet (as long as we're not dumb and chose half term!)

Any ideas on dates? also on venue....

My vote will be for Thorpe Park, the rides there are better (the only good one at alton towers in my opinion is Nemesis). Plus i've been to alton towers twice this year already!

Of course, if we're all feeling flush after a recent insurance claim, we could go across the pond and go to a proper theme park in florida with BIG rides :3some:

get involved people.


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oh yeah, probably not on a weekend also.... just so it's a bit quieter, unless there's a distinct objection to weekdays. Plus i'm not actually free any weekends in october!

Just one day holiday won't hurt? I guess going around those on shifts would be easier - when are you guys free in oct?

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Well, having looked at thorpe park website, towards end of october is fright nights, then the park closes just into november.

lets have some more feedback before determining when....but i'm expecting a rather lack-luster response. Perhaps we'll just have to wait until spring and just go out on the town between now and then!

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Any day is good for me, apart from Thursdays.

At the moment we have a people carrier which can take 7 people, inc me, but it is up for sale so don't hold me to it.

I am happy to use my car but someone else will need to drive too depending on numbers.

Not fussed where we go. Leave it to you lot! Just let me know time and date.

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Right then.

as the response was very good (woo :lol:) here are some dates:

Tues 18th October (£23pp, 10am-5pm)

Weds 19th (as above)

Monday 1st Nov (as above)

Tuesday 2nd Nov (as above)

Weds 3rd (as above)

the week i've missed out is half term, and none of these are fright nights (you'll probably be sick of rolling by 5pm anyway!)

any preferences? I'm happy with any. Shift workers, which days are you free?

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right then. Based on replies above, the following stands...

19th Oct - Holiday 675, Nman1, GubbaTM, Acemster, Roadrunner


So will be either one large car or two smaller ones in convoy.

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If Seabluegal cannot make 19th and can make 1st, that means more people could make that day, and thus may change to it!

The date will ultimately depend on the majority and their availability....

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well, there we go!

November 1st has the majority based on that (sorry sam!)

right, well, I'll need CONFIRMED yes or no's for that date before I go any buy tickets online.

put names below:


Thorpe park, yeah!!

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