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bike 'bogging' down..???

Guest tillytilly

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Hi all

I have recently bought a new bike, well its a 2000 derbi senda, 50cc, SR (OR SM)....I LOVE IT!

The honda city fly 125cc my boyf bought me was too heavy for me to learn on :(

Anyway, bought the derbi senda knowing it bogged down & was told it wasnt serious (i know!), we have tried several things to stop this, but with no luck :(

we have:

* cleaned out the carb

* put new petrol & oil in

* new plug & cap

*changed the piston & rings

* checked the big end ???

ummmmmm, i think thats it.

it is sluggish up hill, but downhill it picks up. def better since we done the above things, but im sooooooooo mad to ride it, (love going off road)....does anyone have some suggestions please?

very gratefull for your time, thanks rachel x

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wow! That was fast, many thanks for reply

ok, he will check the carb, good idea, ta

have not checked the exhaust, but there is a non restricted exhaust that has been put on, could that be the problem?

My boyf did think the exhaust may be causing a problem, but has been told different ***sigh***

So he thought that doing the small cheap jobs would be the best place to start! lol!

Thanks Rachel x

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if its a 2 stroke and the exhaust is one of those Technogas or similar type pipe it will need the jets upgraded in the carb.. mind you it shouldnt bog down so to speak but may not run correctly with that pipe on it..i know the lad around the corner from me put a technogas exhaust on his an dhe has terrible trouble even getting his started since he changed it..

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