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What are the times on textile and leathers?

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There's no single answer to that. Too many variables such as speed/distance of slide, fabric involved, road surface involved, etc.

There were some figures released after bench-testing various garments. In terms of abrasion-resistance alone, kevlar-type materials came out on top and now many mid-ranged upwards lines have kevlar panels in appropriate places (most of Halvarrsons/Lindstrands ranges have this). 1.4mm cowhide is still better than cordura, but remember this is bench-testing not real-life spills.

There are other factors to take into account alongside abrasion resistance, such as impact protection and of course warmth and weather protection if you are going to be riding in adverse weather conditions. RiDE magazine run a series of 'Which?' style tests on leading products and their results are probably as good as any when it comes to comparisons.

However, if you crash and hit a hard object (car/tree/wall/road sign/etc.) then most of this stuff becomes irrelevant. That's how the worst injuries happen.

Of course the obvious answer is to equip yourself with good riding skills so the event of an off becomes less likely. :D

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What is the length of time textile and leathers will last in a crash if you were sliding down the road?



Don't know, Never tried it :? It would all depend on the quality of the leather or textile, then there's the different road surfaces, rough or smooth, again it would depend if it was dry or wet, could be that speed would come into it whether you sliding at 70mph or 30,,

any other daft questions :?:

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