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False emails/calls from HMRC


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I have just received an email from my MP with a warning. Please read:

Dear ....................

I am very worried about the increasing number of what look like perfectly legitimate emails currently circulating that purport to be from HMRC. As I myself have received such emails, I have issued the following press release.


Jon Trickett MP is warning taxpayers to be aware of any unsolicited emails or phone calls from "HMRC" offering a tax refund and warns them certainly not to give out any personal information or bank details.

Most people have paid the right amount of tax but fraudsters have been stepping up their efforts to extort cash from victims by sending out what is known as ‘phising’ emails, or by calling taxpayers, but Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs have stated that all communication in regard to under or overpayments will be by post. They do not use emails, telephone calls or external companies.

Jon Trickett says, “I regularly receive emails claiming to be from HMRC which I delete instantly knowing it is a scam. If it is happening to me it will be happening to others. I would urge anyone who receives such a phone call, not to give out any information, but to report it to the police straightaway.” He continues, “it is despicable that taxpayers are being preyed on in this way and victims not only risk having their accounts emptied, but their personal details sold to other criminal gangs. I want everyone to be aware of this and if you receive a suspicious email, it can be sent direct to HMRC at phishing@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk or via myself at jon@jontrickett.org.uk and then delete it from your computer / email account.”

In the last four months HMRC has had 180 websites shut down which were responsible for sending out fake tax emails.


Kind regards

Jon Trickett MP

Hemsworth Constituency: 01977 722290/1: http://www.jontrickett.org.uk

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