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Do you buy clothing the colour of your bike?

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Silver and orange. But close enough. Its a mattet of personal taste mate. You should buy what you are happy with. Personally I have never colour matched anything. My helmet is silver cos it stands out more than black. And when I wear leathers I want something with some colour. .. my textiles are floro yellow... well they used to be, more a road grime grey now....

Like I said, its your gear mate, you go with what you are happy with!

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My personal taste is that people can look silly sometimes if they co-ordinate their gear too closely with their bikes - like posing power rangers!!

Have to say, I go for black then it doesn't matter what colour bike you have!

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My bikes red, black, and orange.

But my leathers are blue, black, and white. And I wear a yellow helmet.

I bought my leathers because I like the look of them, and not to match my bike colour.

Saves you looking like a power ranger.

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I thought the matching colour, "power ranger" look was quite cool. That being said, I was young when power rangers were in vogue and haven't bothered matching myself. Black looks good with everything and if you're out to buy a 125; chances are you will want to upgrade. Fit and visibility are more important though.

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I Think i'm going to just got all black :D Going to go down at weekend to the shop i'm getting my bike from and go to the clothing part on and try on beats and pieces I like, the full works body protectors jackets see how it all fits together :D


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my bike is black, so can wear any colour really.

just go with what you like the look of.

also you want something you feel comfortable riding in. No point buying something you're going to worry about what people think of you, you'll just end up thinking about that more than concentrating on the road!

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