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Anyone watch Jay crash that Suzuki in The Inbetweeners? Haha it was so funny...hope that doesn't happen to me first time haha.

Edit: Honda cbr 125 haha

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its one of them things, when u've seen and read motorbikes for a few years most popular bikes are easily recognisable, especially as i was only looking for 125's just over a year ago.

shit a year ago, thats gone fast :shock:

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I have to say I thought it looked like one but for some reason I thought it said Suzuki on it...loool looks like I'm failing the eye sight part of my CBT ;)


It said Suzuki on the side of the bike dealer in big letters, but the bike was a CBR125. Derren Brown must be using his powers of suggestion on you!

This episode was better than the last one but if I'm honest season 3 doesn't put a scratch on the first two, some of the funniest British TV since The Office

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I agree, the first series was brilliant and has been going downhill a bit since.

I think the emphasis on Jay and his bullshitting is being overdone by a country mile!

The bike crash was funny though if a tad unbelievable...........still never mind!

It still makes me laugh.

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:stupid: with this series doesnt seem to hit the mark YET.

Still got a few funny one liners in it.

What would YOU to try and improve it.

I would give Jays dad a bigger role and get him more involved, as he's everything that a Jay/ teenage lads cringes at when he walks in

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I'd make the main characters a bit less constantly un-cool amongst their peers, it's being hammered home a bit too much and they've turned into the school mega-losers which I don’t think is totally relevant to the comedy.

I’d also bring the parents in a bit more, they’re all amazing. Wills mum is smoking hot, and the rest could cut it on the front line too.

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