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Does a top box affect riding ?

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Hi all,

it's proabably been asked before but I can't find it :?

I have a YBR 125 that I use mainly to commute to and from work approx 12 Miles. I always have lunch, bike lock, phone etc.. that I carry at the moment in a smallish rucksack.

I was thinking of fitting a small top box and was wondering if and how it affects riding

thanks :?:

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I've never ridden with a top box but the physics suggests that the high centre of gravity, coupled with the drag, would effect handling. On the other hand, a lot of bikes are designed with a pillion rider in mind, so you're certainly not going outside the safety margin. Heavy stuff to the bottom of the box.

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if you get one, make sure your mirrors are repositioned when using it, or all you will see is the box..

heres mine...



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