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Major Petrol Leak, Source/Solution?


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You may have seen the "Bike tried to burn down my work" post in Bike Chat, well seeing as it is now kind of technical, I thought I would post it in Pit Stop to ask for some help. Original Post is http://themotorbikeforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=34336&sid=927f122ea66562f698fe54a97da08254


Ok, I hope this is not as serious as it looks, oily coloured petrol coming out of the bottom of the engine....

I've now drained the tank, so its just what ever is left floating around to come out (draining in the garage into an old washing up bowl). Something tells me this is a little more than petrol coming out of the air box, it seems to have got everywhere.


as above carb float stuck letting the fuel syphon through from the tank


Sounds about right, same happened to my bike (except fuel didnt piss out, and the bike barley turned over) but took me ages of fault finding then eventually at the garage with about £200's worth of bills :(

Needed a new fuel tap, float needle valve (i think), new oil and something else. That + labour bit me !


I had that when I bought the bike, carbs are replacement ones, had engine flush, brand new tap (now 2 years old) and its got a clean fuel filter on it...


By d3nch at 2010-10-01


By d3nch at 2010-10-01


By d3nch at 2010-10-01

This is where it is now leaking from. The last time I had a leak from here it was coolant. The manual said it means the coolant seals have gone, and they were, so I had them replaced. It doesnt say petrol is meant to come out of here though....





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