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Need help on buying a gift for someone


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Alright guys/gals :wave:

Been seeing a girl for about a month now, nothing official yet, but it's her 18th next week. I want to get her something, but no idea what to get! Can't go overtop due to not being seeing her that long, but still want to get her something.

Lets say a budget of £20, but don't want to be too generic with flowers or chocolate :lol: She's into running, but any gift that coincides with that would be pretty crap!

I'd be greatful for any help, i'm useless with this stuff :lol:

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Given the budget I would go for something personal that you can create.

Can you paint or draw?

Cook a meal?

Bake a cake / cookies?

Framed photo of a pet or favourite place?

Something on those lines that can have the personal touch and that required a bit of effort on your part.

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Are you friendly with her friends at all? With my girlfriend i took her with me to get her clothes haha but would be better to take a friend as they know what they would like...also a meal outs a nice present :)

Or as said they prefer something personal that you've put time and effort into :) i'd go with personal tbh

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Cheers for the suggestion :)

Can't do any of those things though I'm afraid! Don't know her that well enough and don't even have the ability :lol: good ideas though!

In terms of the budget, I could comfortably double it, but I want to avoid going over the top as its still early days! So the budget isn't a strict one by any means. I'll be sure to pay attention incase she mentions something she likes :)

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Harrison, unfortunatly I don't know any over her mates that well, could maybe ask one thoguh. Was thinking of taking her for a meal, but I'm intending to pay her way for a bit anyway :)

I'm hoping she'll come along to the shopping centre with me tomorrow, (got to get the old man a bday present) and get her to look in some shops. Then buy whatever she picks up the next day :lol:

Ahhh this stuff is hard

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What I would suggest wouldnt be allowed in this section :lol:

Why not just take her to the Cinema? Find out if theres a movie she would like to see. Take her to that, then when youve done that take her for a meal. £20 spent on her, hey presto. Good birthday out no?

Or a CD of music she likes if your really struggling..

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Ok, from a female perspective! :D

As it's her 18th it would be nice to get her something to keep, but not OTT as you've not known her for very long. Jewellery maybe not a good idea - we can be quite fussy!

As it happens I've been looking for 40th presents for people we don't know all that well - how about something along these lines......

http://www.totally-funky.co.uk/Pages/Pr ... 59&SID=871

http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk/persona ... lilac.html

http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk/persona ... flute.html

http://www.gettingpersonal.co.uk/photo- ... -album.htm

Just a few ideas. If you got a photo album you could maybe take photos at the party/celebration & get them printed at Snapfish? And don't forget, if you buy a piggy bank you have to put some money in it - even if it's 10p!! Bad luck otherwise!!!

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Good stuff :) thanks.

Seeing as i've already said i'm paying for her when we go out I'd rather give her something to be honest. Susie i like your idea's but not really a photographer, and don't actually know if i'm going to her to 18th 'do' yet! :lol: Sorry if it seems like i'm just dismissing people's ideas by the way!

I'll see if she'll come out tonight, and get her to look around some shops. That'd be best thing I can manage for now, i'm just stuck if it doesn't all come together :lol:

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