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South Sheilds


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Not sure where to post this really

Doesn't really fit in ride outs as I might be on the bike, but this will depend to some extent on the weather and my navigation skills

Basically my employers are threatening to send me to sunny Shouth Sheilds for the day on Friday 12 November

As its a Friday I'll be staying in a B&B on the Thursday night due to the distance and possibly the Friday night depending on what time the working day finishes


If anyone local fancies a meet up for a pint

Gimme a shout


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I'll have to see what I'm working, I don't usually find out until the week before though.


Well just let me know if ya up for meeting

Would be a shame to travel up that way and not meet up with anyone


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Well its this Thursday I'm travelling up

Staying Thurs and Fri night

Mobile number in the contacts section or PM me if anyone is interested in meeting up

If you PM me on Thursday I won't pick it up as I wont be logging back in till I get back


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Thursday would probably be best

I know its a work night, but it'll stop me from over doing it O_o

Plus I am planning on an early start back on Saturday so def wont be up for a pint or two on Friday

I'll be staying in the height of luxury at the Newcastle Whitemare Pool Travelodge

Not sure what's around there or how local that is to you

Perhaps you can suggest somewhere? 8-)

Just noticed I spelt Shields wrong :oops:

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Venue is in the hands of Mick AKA argentum40

Mick can you post venue in here for those that are local(ish) and decide they wanna come along?

He's gonna have a bit of a think about it as I'm not local and really after somewhere not too noisey where convo is going to be easy(ish)

You could alos PM your mobie number and soon as we know where, one of us will let you know :cheers:

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I can't wear a t-shirt in Newcastle anyway, I can't get in anywhere unless my tattoos are covered up!!

What not even the Percy and Trillions? :cheers:


Trills is alright, I rarely find myself over that part of town though, never been in the Percy as a customer, only been in the cellar delivering the ale!!

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ooo im up for this... not been out in newcastle for a while :D

tell me when and where and ill try to pester the bf (ill be staying at his uni house so he'll have to come if thats no bother to you lot)

ETA: spoke to bf and sounds like im "allowed out" lol :D jixer theres a travel lodge in the centre of the city, not too far from the pubs so wont need a taxi :)

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