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Just back from a week in Salou and I have to say it was

one of the best holidays i've had in a long time and would

totally recommend it to anyone. Spent nearly ever day in

Postaventura on roller coasters and rides which I didnt

think I would like. The most frightening thing was a vertical

drop that tkes you up to about 85mts and drops you in about

3 seconds.

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We have been going to Salou for years mate, we usually stay at a campsite on the front called San Guli. Glad you liked Hurricane Condor mate its an awesome ride kept me buzzing with adrenaline for ages after I got off it lol.

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Its hard to say if I enjoyed it but it really scared the shit out of me

and I know what you mean about buzzing :D :D

The park was almost empty so we were able to go on the rides

over and over again without queuing up.

We stayed in the Salarus Palace about 500mts from the park.

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I went just after Portaventura opened..

To be honest,, thought it was a sh*t hole.. sea was full of rubbish, including used condoms floating around just of the beach...

Not a lover of Spain,, Blackpool with a bit more sunshine...

But the park was great,,being as it had only just opened, it was still quiet so very little queuing.

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I've only ever ridden/driven past Salou!,

can see the roller coaster from the main AP7!

I love Spain! IMO it's nothing like blackpool!

not as seedy or dirty!

but! each to their own :cheers: :lol:

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